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How can we help?

The following is a list of resources where you can learn more about each nearly forgotten species and support the organizations that are working to save them. Change starts with awareness which leads to action. Thank you for doing your part in making this Earth a better place for all of us.


An award-winning, non-profit environmental science and conservation news organization that delivers news and inspiration from nature's frontline via its network of some 800 journalists in 80 countries. Mongabay’s readership averages 9 million unique visitors each month, which positions the platform as one of the top sources of environmental news, analysis, information, and inspiration on the Internet. Mongabay also operates, which provides free environmental education materials, activities, and other resources for children. Visit or

university of montana

The University of Montana’s Wildlife Biology Program ranks #1 in North America with it’s nationally recognized education programs and research. Montana has become a center of conservation interest in the inter-mountain west with many private conservation organizations having found a focus in Montana. The environment provides an outstanding opportunity for the cultivation of ideas and potential funding sources for research. Visit


To serve the community, the Los Angeles Zoo will create an environment for recreation and discovery; inspire an appreciation of wildlife through exhibits and education; ensure the highest level of animal welfare; and support programs that preserve biodiversity and conserve natural habitat. The Los Angeles Zoo will leverage the diverse resources of Los Angeles to be an innovator for the global zoo community, creating dynamic experiences to connect people and animals. Visit them and support their conservation work at

humphead wrasse

Visit to learn more about sustainable seafood and avoid consuming food that includes endangered fishes, such as the wrasse.

golden dart frog

Choose chocolate, coffee, sugar and other food products that are produced with wildlife-friendly certifications, such as Rainforest Alliance Certified products.

black-footed ferret

Try visiting a zoo, museum or a nature center which has a black-footed ferret exhibit.

You can also directly support these adorable ferrets at

african white-backed vulture

Learn about International Vulture Awareness Day (first Saturday in September) at

Directly support the African White-Backed Vulture at


The Saola Working Group is the world's foremost organization working on Saola conservation. Learn more about Saolas and support their work at

The Saola Foundation for Annamite Mountains Conservation is a new, US-registered non-profit organization, and the only chartered organization in the world focused on Saola conservation. Learn more about their program (focused mainly on Laos) and how you can support it at


The Dallas World Aquarium is a leader in axolotl conservation. Visit to help.

fairy possum

Learn about Zoos Victoria's Leadbeater's possum conservation plan here.

And if you’d like to donate, visit

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